Collected May, 2023


My experience has been amazing. My daughter’s been here for about three years, and she loves it and they’re like family. We’ve been blessed with amazing teachers all three years, especially this year we have Ms. Amy and Ms. Phyllis. She loves going in, we’ve never had an issue. She knows how to write her name and we’re not worried at all about her going into kindergarten and she’s telling us stuff about the bible which some of it I forgot growing up and hearing it from a little 4-year-olds point of view is beautiful.


My daughter Lily is in pre-K here and graduating in about a month. We’ve been here for two years and so it’s been great. She had Ms. Carmen and Ms. Francis, I learned so much from constant updates and interactions with teachers. There were lots of good fun play and activities and she moved up to Ms. Amy and Ms. Phyllis for her second year here. She has learned so much in terms of letters, numbers, sounds and she is learning some sight words. The school has been super friendly and welcoming. All the teachers know her and say hi. They’ve gotten to recognize my younger son who will be here eventually and yeah, it’s been a great experience the whole time here.


Charlie has been coming to Concordia since he was two.  We started him off for Tuesday, Thursday half and eventually made our way to full days.  I started here because we are military, and because of COVID I was trying to get that interaction with other children.  A lot of the children in his age group really didn’t have that interaction, so it was a real struggle.  I wanted him to slowly learn how to socialize, and it’s like he’s blossomed! So, along with the education goals, this really matches our need.