Do you want to pray for the team in Guatemala from March 23 to March 30?

Use this short list of daily prayers. A longer list is found HERE.


Saturday, March 23rd to Saturday, March 30th

Sunday March 24

Lord, help the Concordia team recover from the rigors of international travel. Provide them with renewed energy as they worship with Pastor Elry at Iglesia La Santa Cruz, and help the team see how worshiping Jesus transcends barriers of language and culture, for You are Lord of all peoples, nations, tribes, and tongues.

Monday March 25

Lord, bless the mission team as they learn how ancient Mayan culture and spiritualism has created challenges for spreading the Gospel today.

As the team travels to the orphanage today, help them to bring joy to the orphans’ lives. Lord, give the team warm smiles and joyful spirits as they interact with the orphans for the first time.

Tuesday March 26

Lord, as we distribute water filters to the village of Ana Jimena, open doors for relationships to be formed between the villagers and the members of Iglesia La Santa Cruz. Open doors for the sharing of Your Word, and use these water filters to help break the cycle of illness and poverty in this village.

Bless the team’s first day teaching about Jesus in the public school of the village near the church. Make the hearts of the children to be fertile ground for the Word of God.

For those on our team who are not Spanish speakers, we ask that you would give them a joyful spirit that is able to connect with the children on a non-verbal level.

As Pastor Elry and Sra. Rebeca lead the teaching, fill them with your Holy Spirit.

Wednesday March 27

Lord, please give health, strength, joy, and energy to the Concordia team. As the team returns to Amatitlan, give them safety of travel. Bless the second day of teaching about Jesus in the public school as the team assists in leading VBS at La Santa Cruz Church, build bridges between the church and community, that many might come to know You as Lord and Savior.

Thursday March 28

Lord, as the team enters the final day of teaching in the public school, continue to bless the instruction given. Thank you for the opportunity to share Your Word in a secular setting. We ask that the 15 Bible verses on posters the team leaves to be posted in the classrooms will make an impact on the hearts and lives of the children throughout the year.

As we return to the Orphanage, help the orphans see and sense love from the Concordia team. Give the team the energy it needs to interact with the children after a long and tiring week.

Friday March 29

Lord, bless the mission team as they learn how the Catholic colonial period has created challenges for spreading the Gospel today. As the team makes a final visit to the orphanage, bless the experience there. Continue to bless Jorge, Mandy, and the entire CBI team, and use them as your hands to bring healing to these children’s lives. Bless Mrs. Rebeca de Franco, the Director of CPTLN (Lutheran Hour Ministries) and her team, as they work to bring the Gospel to the people of Guatemala.

Saturday March 30

Father, as the team returns to Chula Vista, smooth the path for their return home. Give them safety of travel, and rest from the rigors of the trip. Thank you for opening their eyes and giving them a different perspective. Thank you for the support of the “logistical team” here at home. Use this trip to bring fervent spiritual growth, not just to the team that traveled to Guatemala, but to all of our church, Concordia.