Concordia has launched a new program to provide distance learning support for your elementary aged children. We not only offer a full week program but if you need parent respite, dual immersion support or socialization for your child, we offer a new 2 or 3 day program.

Rates are:

$215 per week for our full day program (7:30am to 4:30pm

$175 per week for our half day program (7:30am to 1:30pm)     

3 day (full day) $150

3 day (half day) $120

2 day (full day) $105

2 day (half day) $90

There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee.   That fee will be waived for former students of Concordia preschool or Concordia Afterschool program.

Students should bring their own digital learning device, headphones, snacks, a lunch, and water. Students and teachers will be required to wear masks at all times.

The schedule for the day will look something like this:

7:30 – 7:45am                   Arrival

7:45 – 8:15am                     LOG IN to digital learning

12:20 – 1pm                        Lunch

1:00 – 1:30                           Outdoor play/half day pick up

1:45 – 2:45                           Homework assistance and reading

2:45 – 3:45                           Snack time organized activities

3:45 – 4:30                           Outdoor play and pick up

We only have 14 spaces available in this initial phase of Concordia’s Online Learning Camps.  To reserve your space before the room fills up, call the school (619-656-8100) and ask for Michelle.    Or email me (

ENROLLMENT PACKET CLICK HERE (download the document, type in your answers, print, sign where indicated and return to the office)